Senior Software Engineer, Fullstack


 135k - 175k
 United States  (New York)
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A better safety net for when disaster strikes.

Historically the $300B Reinsurance industry has been the world’s safety net when catastrophe strikes, helping society stand itself back up by evenly spreading the risk and getting recovery money where it needs to go. However, human-caused climate change has hobbled Reinsurance’s ability to efficiently predict disasters and allocate the cost of risk as the scale of disasters explodes and the number of $1Billion+ crises increases every year.

Kettle’s mission is to help rebuild the safety net with sophisticated machine learning models that predict when and where disasters happen and accurately price the cost of risk. Kettle’s first product protects Californians’ businesses, homes, and livelihoods with wildfire reinsurance. To learn more, visit


Who we are/what we value:

  • Collaborative Problem Solving - We tackle big problems across a diverse range of expertise and disciplines. Working together in an open and collaborative atmosphere has gotten us better results, faster.
  • Diverse experiences, shared reality - We each bring our own experiences and points-of-view to the table, and what a feast. In addition to that, we work hard to achieve shared understanding on our way to accomplishing common goals.
  • Honesty and Responsibility - Insurance, technology and climate science make for a dynamic soup, and it’s expected that we’ll ask questions to understand what we don’t know and take responsibility not just for the company’s growth, but our own as well.
  • Creativity - Reinsurance is a 600-year-old industry and Technology is trendy: if everyone is running one direction, what happens if we go a different way?


We are looking for a Full Stack Software Engineer to join our team and work with a growing team of engineers, deep learning experts, and other data scientists to model risk using the most advanced tools available.

We strongly encourage people from traditionally underrepresented populations in tech - such as women, People of Color, People with Disabilities, and LGBTQ+ people, etc - to apply!

As a member of Kettle, you’ll get to:

  • Design and develop a cloud-based architecture supporting
    • complex workflows for data collection, prep, validation,
    • internal and external APIs
  • Build software using both relational and NoSQL data storage strategies
  • Build internal and external dashboards with code and no-code tools like Retool and OpenBlocks
  • Visualize complex data with custom maps and charts.
  • Work closely with Underwriters and Data Scientists to solve nuanced and interesting software problems.

Salary Range: $
135k - $175k


Essential Experience

  • You’re an experienced programmer (at least 4-5 years) and you’ve versioned your code with Git.
  • You can take direction but you don’t need (or want) to be micromanaged.
  • You’re communicative, open to learning, and want to take ownership of an important role.

Very Useful Experience

  • You’ve used code-as-infrastructure techniques and tools to improve or build out deployment pipelines and APIs
  • You’re proficient in database design and architecture
  • You’ve worked in the AWS Ecosystem, especially DynamoDB, Cloudformation and Serverless Functions
  • You have built UIs with React or other Ecmascript UI frameworks like Vue & Svelte
  • You can visualize data with Mapbox, DeckGL or D3.
  • When you're not slinging JS code, Python is the next best thing.

Nice to haves

  • You have experience working with machine learning teams and products
  • You have experience working with Insurance or Financial Products
  • You understand geospatial querying and mapping tools like Post-GIS
  • In your travels, you’ve worked with some talented designers and picked up how to design a basic workflow.


We offer a competitive package that is based on location and experience. We also offer the following benefits:

  • Stock: Ownership in a fast-growing venture-backed company.
  • 401k matching: We care about your ability to save for your future.
  • Family Focus: Parental leave and flexibility for families.
  • Time Off: Flexible vacation policy to encourage people to get out and see the world.
  • Healthcare: Platinum level Medical, dental, and vision policies.
  • Goodies: Whatever hardware and software you need to get the job done.
  • Team Fun: Regularly scheduled events, annual retreat, and celebrations.
  • Learning: Learning & Development Opportunities to grow your skills and career.
  • Great team: Working with fun, hard-working, kind people committed to making a difference!
  • Flexible culture: We are results-focused and remote first.
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