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Our Mission

To restore cell health and resilience through cellular rejuvenation programming to reverse disease, injury, and the disabilities that can occur throughout life.

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Diversity at Altos

We believe that diverse perspectives are foundational to scientific innovation and inquiry. 

We are building a company where exceptional scientists and industry leaders from around the world work side by side to advance a shared mission. 

Our intentional focus is on Belonging, so that all employees know that they are valued for their unique perspectives. 

At Altos, we are all accountable for sustaining a diverse and inclusive environment.

What You Will Contribute to Altos

An exciting opportunity is available to join Altos Labs. We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Machine Learning Scientist or Senior Machine Learning Scientist to join our dynamic research team. In this role, you will have the unique opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking scientific discoveries that can potentially redefine the limits of human health and lifespan.


  • Lead exciting new work in Machine Learning: Take charge of the design, development, and implementation of cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and models. Apply your expertise to solve complex problems in the field of health, rejuvenation and resilience, utilizing large-scale datasets and advanced computational techniques.
  • Algorithm Development: Collaborate closely with interdisciplinary teams of experimental and computational biologists to identify key research questions and develop innovative machine learning algorithms to address them. Drive the creation and improvement of algorithms for data preprocessing, feature selection, dimensionality reduction, predictive modeling, and experimental design.
  • Data Analysis and Modeling: Perform in-depth analysis of diverse biological and genetic datasets, integrating multiple sources of information to gain novel insights. Build and optimize predictive models to support drug discovery, target identification, and personalized medicine applications. Apply statistical methods to evaluate model performance and validate results.
  • Research Collaboration: Collaborate with internal and external research partners to leverage their expertise and explore new avenues for research and development. Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in machine learning and related fields, and contribute to the scientific community through publications and presentations.
  • Technical Leadership: Provide technical guidance and mentorship to junior members of the research team. Participate in code reviews, drive best practices, and contribute to the overall improvement of the team's capabilities. Act as a subject matter expert on machine learning methods and technologies.
  • Innovation and Intellectual Property: Identify opportunities for innovation and contribute to the creation of intellectual property through patent applications and scientific publications. Contribute to the development of novel computational approaches and methodologies to advance the field of rejuvenation and longevity.

Who You Are

For this role, we are open to considering candidates at the Machine Learning Scientist I, Machine Learning Scientist II or Senior Machine Learning Scientist level. Candidates with the right skills and experience will fit the following the profile:

  • Advanced Degree: A PhD in computer science, machine learning, statistics, or a related field. A strong academic background with a focus on machine learning, deep learning, and probabilistic modeling techniques is preferred.
  • Extensive Experience: Experience in developing and applying machine learning algorithms to complex real-world problems. Deep understanding of machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Proven expertise in developing and implementing state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and models, such as transformers, diffusion models, reinforcement learning, and unsupervised learning. Proficiency in Python, as well as experience with machine learning frameworks like PyTorch is a must.
  • Data Analysis Skills: Strong statistical analysis skills and experience with handling and analyzing large-scale datasets. Experience in biological or medical data analysis as well as familiarity with genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics datasets is a plus.
  • Research Track Record: Demonstrated track record of scientific research, including publications in reputable conferences or journals. Ability to critically analyze scientific literature and stay updated with the latest advancements in the field.
  • Collaboration and Communication: Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to collaborate effectively with multidisciplinary teams. Strong presentation skills to effectively communicate complex technical concepts to both technical and non-technical stakeholders.
  • Innovation and Problem-Solving: A creative thinker with a passion for pushing the boundaries of machine learning in the context of cellular rejuvenation programming. Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to devise innovative solutions to challenging research problems.

Join Altos Labs and be part of a transformative scientific journey that aims to revolutionize human health. Contribute your expertise in machine learning to advance the frontiers of biotechnology and shape the future of rejuvenation research.

Salary range: Machine Learning Scientist I, 187,000 - 253,000; Machine Learning Scientist II, 220,000 - 322,400; Senior Machine Learning Scientist, 248,000 - 378,000.


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