NLP Engineer (Large Language Models)


 120k - 200k
 United States  (Palo Alto)
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About Moonhub

We're on a mission to enable human potential.
Moonhub is the people infrastructure for companies. We believe talent and skills are universal, but the systems to identify them aren't. Moonhub solves this critical problem with the world's most powerful people search engine powered by large language models, that enable companies to find and engage talent with the right skills for their organization. And ultimately retain them. We process billions of datapoints of online signal to identify under the radar candidates with the skills required to succeed in an opportunity. We work with some of the fastest growing companies in the world to grow their workforce through skills-based hiring.
Core to our solution are machine learning features that serve as copilots for recruiters, and many are powered by LLMs. Moonhub's AI platform helps recruiters act on the unstructured signal in people profiles across the web through automated text generation, conversational AI, neural search and more. Our team (Stanford Computer Science / PhDs / MBAs, Meta, ex McKinsey, Google) consists of world-class AI and HR experts.
We are building the future of equitable opportunity. In line with this, we believe in a diverse and inclusive team where everyone is welcome. 
Your Role
This is a fast-paced role with extensive growth potential for a world-class machine learning engineer with extensive experience working with large language models. You will be on the core ML/ engineering team and work closely with our leadership, partners, and customers to build tools powered by LLMs used by people to atuomate recruiting. We are a company driven by our positive mission and social impact.
We are looking for individuals with deep ML experience, especially large language models, including but not limited to building production ML data pipelines, training large-scale NLP models, creating search and ranking systems, and more.
As a Founding ML Engineer you will develop state-of-the-art technologies that enable better and faster hiring for impactful institutions.
Moonhub is a remote / hybrid company with a strong emphasis on engineering and product at the heart of teams.
What You’ll Do
- Develop production ML/NLP systems powered by large language models
- Rapidly experiment with and iterate on LLM powered features with in-house recruiters
- Build new ML tools from 0 > 1 inside our existing platforms
- Work closely with leadership and customers to understand large-scale recruiting and HR pain points, and develop state-of-art machine learning solutions for them. 
- Write production ready code with speed, cost, and usability in mind
- Contribute to building a culture where everyone is an owner. We ship fast and build trust as a team. 
- Help lead Moonhub’s charge to be at the cutting-edge of technology through publications and patents. 
Skills & Qualifications 
- Experience with prompt engineering and large language models
- 4+ years of experience building production ML (and NLP) systems
- 2+ years of experience working directly with large language models
- Strong background in programming languages such as Python and C++
- Deep knowledge of machine learning frameworks such as Tensorflow and Pytorch
- Entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to adjust to dynamic customer needs 
- Desire to grow quickly by going above and beyond expectations 
US Applicants
- The minimum and maximum salary for this position is $120,000 to $200,000 in the US;
- This position is eligible for significant equity
Moonhub is committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, or veteran status. 
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