Machine Learning Engineer


 140k - 160k
 United States  (CA)
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Our Mission

Virgo’s mission is to improve patient outcomes and clinical workflows in healthcare by developing automation and AI tools for endoscopy. Our vision is a world where technology powered by artificial intelligence dramatically improves the quality of and access to healthcare. We are building the data infrastructure, tools, and expertise to make this new world a reality.


Job Description

Virgo is actively seeking a highly motivated Machine Learning Engineer to work with the team on Virgo’s product and feature development related to machine learning. This person will work closely with our Senior Machine Learning Engineer to train and deploy new machine learning models and features. The salary range for this position is $140,000 - $160,000


Reports To

Chris Lawcock - Engineering Team Lead


In this role, you'll get to:

  • Develop strategies and tools that leverage our massive collection of unlabelled endoscopy procedure videos
  • Work with internal and external resources to acquire efficient annotations via active learning
  • Design and conduct ML experiments/model training in a distributed environment
  • Work on procedure understanding and disease scoring models for endoscopic video to support Virgo product development
  • Containerize and deploy models to our test and production environments
  • Follow industry best practices in documentation, repeatability, and security


We'll expect you to have:

  • Solid experience with the Python ML stack
  • A deep understanding of either PyTorch or Tensorflow
  • Broad familiarity with modern approaches to computer vision
  • Previous experience working on deep learning projects, professional, academic, or personal
  • Experience reading and understanding machine learning publications
  • A strong focus on pragmatic techniques that lead to trustworthy production-quality models
  • A product-oriented mindset


Bonus Points if you have expertise in:

  • Event-driven architectures
  • Containerization, Kubernetes, and managed cloud services (especially from GCP)
  • Semi-supervised learning and representation learning
  • Computer Vision for Videos
  • Training transformers
  • Distributed training
  • Working with FFmpeg, h264, and video in general


What you can get excited about:

  • The Work — Build products that are used by physicians to help improve the quality of patient care and medical research
  • Career Growth — Virgo has a massive and growing dataset of endoscopy videos and de-identified clinical records, which present plenty of opportunities for ML experimentation and growth
  • Engineering Culture — Low interruption engineering culture, focused on pragmatic decision making
  • Company Culture — Collaborative and diverse team with a shared mission and vision; we are looking for individuals who are passionate about helping to shape our company culture
  • We are a remote-first company, with only the request of 5 hours of time-overlap with EST 9-5 work days for coordinating meetings


  • Fully remote team, work 9-5 in your local timezone
  • Early-stage startup equity
  • Flexible PTO policy
  • $500 work-from-home stipend
  • Generous, fully-paid parental leave policy
  • Paytient - 0% interest medical credit card with no fees or impact on your credit
  • Medical, Dental and Vision insurance - we pay 100% of the lowest tier plan for our employees; HSA available
  • 401k
  • Free one-year membership to Talkspace
  • Free Teladoc membership
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